Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday a friend of mine came with me to take my girls to a Pumpkin Patch. Our MOPS group has been doing this for...maybe 3 years? It has been cold before, but not this year! It was a sunny, hot day for us!
Nichole even wore her sunglasses for all of three minutes...tops!
Nina was brave and she actually knelled on the floor as she chose her pumpkin. She has some sensory issues (after almost 4 years being locked up in a room with little opportunity to go outside, it is no surprise this girl has some sensory issues) She loved the pumpkins, loved the hay ride! She even sat on the hay! Thanks Barb, for sitting by her and lovingly putting your arm around her.
Ellie chose "the most perfect little pumpkin of all."
Nina was fascinated by the many pumpkins, and she walked a little bit with her walker. Pointing at all the pretty things outside with awe. A day when I was reminded of this simple fun family activity that she would have never had if she did not have a family of her own.
Nichole just loves walking more than looking around, but she did stop to pick up a flower that had fallen from a flower bush and carried it around for the rest of the day.
And since Nina is not as mobile, it is easy to have her pose and take pictures.
There is a hay tunnel, slide, and sand area in this place. Nichole finally got over the "ack!" if the sand on her every time she landed from the slide and decided it would be fun to play in the sand.
And Ellie decided to pose with Nina for one picture. At this point Nichole was not leaving the fun in the sand. So you take what you get when you have 3 little girls.

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