Saturday, October 23, 2010

Color and Paint

A few months ago, as we were getting ready to begin our journey with homeschooling, I bought the book, "The Great Big Art Activity Book." Ellie loves to draw, color, paint, and craft away. Homeschooling, for Ellie, needs to have enough creative fun.

I love this book! It has different sections for drawing, painting, world art, sculpturing, and printing. I am able to pick and choose projects that I know Ellie will enjoy and that will help her be creative and practice some skills.

Today, we had our first official Art lesson, and Nina decided to join in the fun. Nichole was not interested, so she hung out with her daddy.

We looked at all the different ways to create texture when we color. We did crosshatching, curved lines, short lines (for fur or feathers), dotting, smudging with oil pastels (our favorite!) and even turned a scribble into something creative!

Ellie did a great job and her creations ended up being pretty sweet!
We then painted a color wheel. We started with primary colors and then we mixed our very own orange, green, and purple. Ellie really enjoyed this activity, and found the "perfect" color combinations.
Nina of course, wanted to participate. She has a very hard time with coloring and drawing. Tracing is hard! But, she has come a long way since she got home. She had never held a crayon before, and now she tries hard to color and be precise with her pencil strokes. Although I helped her a lot for this creation, you can see that she is getting it, little by little.
Nina's color wheel was phenomenal! She loves to paint, and she had never tried to stay within lines. I know she gets to practice at preschool, but I was so proud of her! She needed help mixing the colors, but she did all the painting, all by herself! No help from mommy!

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