Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy Third Birthday Nichole

Three years ago, Nichole made her appearance in this world. I saw her coming out of me, I saw she had Down syndrome. I was scared. For two weeks I cried every day, several times a day. her diagnosis seemed so daunting, so hard to live with. I look back at that day, and I wish I could go back and whisper in my ear what I read in Gifts weeks later, "You will experience shades of color that you never knew were possible."

Three years later and I cannot imagine life without Nichole, even life without Down syndrome. Nichole has come to challenge us in the way we do life, the way we think, and the things that we value. She has taught us much about joy, peace, and unconditional love.

When I look at her I am blown away by her beauty. Not only because of her outward appearance, but because Nichole has the unique ability to show you her soul, her heart. There is so much love in her little being, so much acceptance.

I love her with a fierceness that pushes me to do things I thought I would have been too timid to know. She challenges me to be the best I can be.

It is an honor to be Nichole's mother.

I love you my little rascal. You are a light in my life.


  1. That is such a beautiful picture.

    You're going to love three. We've been here a couple of months now, and it's AWESOME!!!

    Happy Birthday, Nichole!

  2. Happy Birthday Nichole!

  3. Happy birthday sweet girl!! Ellen she is so sweet! I love that picture!!

  4. Happy birthday!!! Sweet post.

  5. she is one beautiful baby girl!!!

    how blessed you are.


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