Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nichole and her Chickenpox

I hope you took a good look at the first picture of Nichole. Not only because she is beautiful, but to remind you that she usually does look like that.

However, for the last couple of days, she has been looking like this.

My sweet baby girl has chickenpox and it is so sad. Andy and I look at her and we feel like crying for her. They say that children with Down syndrome have lower immune systems. in this case, I hope this is not true. Ellie is already on the mend and Nichole started getting spots two days after Ellie got hers. We are hoping that Nichole's worst day was today, and that tomorrow there are no more new spots!

(I am only posting pictures of Nichole because Ellie said she is too embarrassed to have me post her pictures here. Nichole, poor girl, has no say in this yet. Someday though, she might make me take these pictures down)

And one last look to remind you of the beautiful face waiting behind the poxes!


  1. Ellen, somehow the poxed face made me smile and laugh. Not that I don't feel sorry for her but she's got that adorable grin despite all the spots! She's such a good sport!

  2. Poor baby. I remember having them that bad when I was young. Have you been able to keep them comfortable?

  3. aww poor baby girl Aden just had his needle for this about 2mths ago. hope you have something good to put on them.

  4. Poor girl! Hope she feels better soon!

  5. Oh Nichole you poor baby! Don't scratch them! Heal quick pretty girl...

  6. Poor baby girl!!! I hope they start drying up and going away soon!!
    Her cuteness shines through even with those dreaded pox.
    Sunnie in NC

  7. Anonymous1:14 AM

    Have to agree with the previous poster...Nichole is a good sport! I was five when I had it - as bad as hers - and all I can remember is howling through countless oatmeal baths and calamine lotion applications. She's hanging in there!

    By the way, that girl has the most stunning eyes and smile. :) She could be a little model!!


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