Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Guest Blogger for Signing Time!

Last December, while I was in Ukraine adopting Nina I met the Wetmores at a Ukrainian cafeteria. We were sharing our stories of adoption and I mentioned how Rachel Coleman (the creator of Signing Time!) had written a post that had inspired me to adopt Nina. Thom and Tami know Rachel personally, (they are real life friends with the number one celebrity at our house!) so they handed me Rachel's e-mail and told me I had to share my story with her. So I did!

I have posted about Rachel here, but this time, I got to do a guest blog post for her. So hop on over and enjoy, "Strong Enough for Nina."

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  1. Beautiful post! I, too have been in such awe of Rachel's determination. Thank you for sharing your strength and being strong enough for Nina!

    Praying God's greatest blessings for you and your family!



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