Saturday, August 22, 2009

If You Have a Blog

If you have a blog and would love to help us out with our adoption, I have something very practical that you can do.

On the left, where you see Nina's picture, there is a box underneath that says, "grab this button."
That is where you can copy the code and paste it on your own blog layout.

When you are in the blog layout, click on "add a gadget"
Then you select the option "HTML/Javascript" This is where you post the code and you can title it anything you want, like "Click on this button to help Stumbo's bring Nina home"

Then click save, and voila! All done. Then check your blog and make sure the link is actually working :)

If you want to, you could even write a little something about our family! :)

And if you do post Nina's button, will you leave me a comment and let me know? Thanks!


  1. added your button to my adoption blog(where all my buttons are!)

  2. already done! :) i was too excited to wait! :)

  3. button added :)
    so excited for you!

  4. i added your button:)


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