Friday, August 21, 2009

Gifts 2!!!

After the incredible success of the first book, I am proud to announce that "Gifts 2" will soon be available!

I remember holding "Gifts" in my hands, standing in the middle of the aisle at Barnes N Noble with tears streaming down my face. I had only read the back cover, and it had already touched the deep places of my heart that were aching as I was dealing with Nichole's diagnosis of Down syndrome.

This was a book about Down syndrome that had nothing to do with statistics, numbers, possible health issues, or challenges due to the condition. It was a book about mothers and their children and the reality of living day to day with a child with an extra chromosome.

Nichole was only two weeks old. I devoured the book. I cried with almost every story I read. And my heart was changed because these women were strong enough to tell their stories, they were honest and shared about their lives. I needed to hear that!

These women gave me hope, they painted a bright future for me. They filled me up with courage and desire. I had dreams again!!! So many dreams!!!

And now the second book is out, I cannot wait to hold it in my hands!

And, I am one of the contributors to this volume. I get to be one of the moms that shares her story, and maybe, just maybe, I will be able to help someone like the women in Gifts 1 helped me.

You can click here and pre-order your own copy!


  1. Very neat that you got to be a contributor.

  2. My copy of the book is already on order from the publisher. I can't wait to read it because so many of my blogging friends are contributors. Knowing that will make Gifts 2 so much more personal than Gifts, which I devoured in those early weeks after the diagnosis. Congrats on being a contributor.

  3. Knowing another blogging friend who is a contributor makes me even more excited to get the book. As Monica said, it'll be more personal. My sister-in-law is a contributor too. She wrote about Matthew.
    By the way, I've been following your blog in Google Reader but I don't think I've added it to my blogroll yet. I'm adding it now, if that's ok with you. :-)


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