Thursday, August 27, 2009

Birthday Girl

I cannot believe that Ellie is already four! Time has gone by too quickly and she is a big girl.
How she has changed our lives!

We are so proud of her! Not only because she is so good at what she does, but because she has a wonderful heart. I have had a few people comment on the fact that she treats Nichole so sweetly and protects her so well (okay, not always, sometimes she screams at Nichole, it is part of being sisters). But what is true, is that Ellie has a heart full of love and acceptance, and we enjoy to see her grow and mature into a beautiful and caring little girl.

Ellie made her very own birthday cake!

Beautiful creation, isn't it?

And we made a pinata the night before her birthday party. It was a blast for the kids!


  1. great job on the cake!! the pinata looked awesome!!!! happy birthday ellie~

  2. felicidades Ellie!!

    the cake looks yummy,and good job on the piñata wow


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