Monday, June 9, 2008


Who said life in Iowa is boring? Just the last couple of weeks we have had tornado watches, tornado warnings, and a tornado destroy the town of Parkersburg, IA. That same day, our family waited in the basement praying that the "toy-nado," "potatoe," or "tomatoe"--as Ellie calls it--would not come our way.
Along with the tornado, we have had flood warnings. AND THEY WERE NOT KIDDING! Our town is under water! We are thankful our house is not in the flood zone, and the amount of water we are getting in our basement is nothing compared to what some of our friends have experienced. One family from our church has lost their home, others are dealing with up to 3 feet of water in their basements.
I took the girls around town (as around as we could get) to take pictures. The Charles City hanging bridge is gone, and the other "car" bridges are closed.

Look at the
Our main intersection in town (well, according to me).
The water was almost to the bridge.

This used to be a praking lot, and a street, and an appartment complex.
How would you like this to be your house?

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