Monday, June 9, 2008

She Can Sit!

Every parent knows how exciting it is when your baby starts reaching milestones. We smile, we clap, we say, "good job baby!" And we are so proud. We even hope that our child will rach those milestones earlier, somewhat, we take pride, maybe ownership, of their accomplishments. And maybe, it will be a building block for their future performance and ability in life. We want our children to be the best. Therefore, every little accomplishment is greatly celebrated.
I was that parent, beaming with pride as Ellie was able to do many things earlier than other babies. My super baby, sitting on her own at only five months old.
Well, today I can say, that the pride I felt for Ellie, had a lot to do with how it made me feel (yes, I know, selfishness...once again). Nichole has once again, taught me a precious lesson. She works so hard to reach those milestones, and finally, at eight months old, SHE CAN SIT! I am not only proud, I am amazed. Because the pride that I feel has nothing to do with me, and it is pure joy at the fact that my daughter has accomplished a milestone. This excitement is so much more than I thought was possible. My heart sings and cheers (as well as my mouth!) for my baby girl.
Some might say, what is the beauty of Down syndrome when Nichole's sitting was so delayed? The beauty is this...we have celebrated it, cheered it, applauded it, savored it, and tresure it like we never did before! And believe me, it is AWESOME!
Milestones are so much So much more...MEANINFUL.
So today I get to brag about Nichole. I get to say, "Look at her!"

She loves to play sitting up. "No more laying down for me!"

"Just wait mom, soon I will be good at balance and I will get that camera from you!"

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  1. I'm sitting in one of my seminary classes totally bored and I about laughed out loud when I got to your blog. She is just so stinking cute! I love how proud she looks of herself. She's a jewel. I've got to meet her one of these days!


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