Monday, June 16, 2008


Without a doubt, one of Ellie's favorite activities right now is to have her picture taken...making a silly face. She loves it! She thinks of the funniest things to do and likes to get her sister involved. I can imagine this is only the beginning, as the girls keep getting more creative (well, Ellie, Nichole is not that creative at only 8 months old.)
Ellie loves Nichole's toys. Even more when you can play with them, bounce in them, and have your picture taken being silly.

No matter the day, no matter the time, it is always a perfect moment for...picture time!

"Mama, mama!" which is Ellie's choice of name for me now a days, "Look at Nichole with my glaces on! Take our picture!"

I am thankful she did not poke Nichole's eyes.

Nichole has a silliness of her own, not intentional, but she makes some pretty funny faces!



  1. Great pictures! I love Ellie's curls and Nichol's faces are hysterical. I can't imagine you would have children who like getting their picture taken :)

  2. your 2 girls remind me of mine! Just perfect together!


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