Sunday, October 21, 2007

Liver Biopsy?

Hello All - the results from the blood test showed that her level hadn't really gone down or up which means that they are leaning towards doing a liver biopsy. They are planning to draw her blood again tonight and see where her level is at. At this point, if it hasn't gone up dramatically, then we will go home and they will give the medications some time to work. After a week or so, they would then determine if biopsy is necessary. So, for sure one more night - maybe more. We will let you know if anything changes!


  1. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Love you all so much. Prayed for you both services. The services were amazing...sorry you missed them. Glad things are going so well. See you soon. (I hope!!)

  2. Anonymous5:37 PM

    Thank you so much for keeping us informed, we had a wonderful service this morning, you were all very much in our prayers:) We're praying for you to be home soon!!Kim W

  3. Anonymous9:02 PM

    The entire Sunday School class prayed for Nicole and all of you this morning.... I hope you all are home safe soon.
    Robert S.


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