Friday, October 19, 2007


Nichole had the HIDA test done this afternoon. They basically take "pictures" of her liver, gall bladder, and small intestines. So far it looks like the liver is doing it's job, so now we are looking at the gall bladder. Tomorrow morning we go back and they will see if the gall bladder is getting the bile to the small intestine.
We won't really know what the next step is until tomorrow's results, then the doctors will hopefully have a better idea of what is happening in Nichole's little body.
Andy and I are exhausted. We got little sleep last night and it has made it a long day. We pray we can go home soon.
One of my friends from MOPS is our next door neighbor. It was good to see her since she moved last summer. It is nice to have a familiar face around, and we get to talk about our new babies.


  1. Sharri Dann7:01 PM

    I am praying for all of you. I really wish that I could be there for you, but I will be home next thursday and hopefully you all will be back and well then. I love you all and remember to trust Him and everything and His hand WILL be upon you.

  2. Stumbos-
    Kept in contact with Whites while we were on vacation. Now, we're back ready for small group tonight! Wow. What a little, strong chickie you hold in your arms! We're continally praying throughout our days for Nichole, the docs & staff, you two, and Ellie. She's amazing and a total perfect blessing from God.

    Mike, Amy & Will


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