Friday, April 5, 2013

Recovery after surgery...

For the last 5 years of her life, Nichole is on a mission to surprise us and challenge any expectations even we - her parents - have of her. This surgery was no different.

First of all, the plan was for Nichole to get ear tubes, at least for one of her ears as there was fluid there. However, when they went in, her ears had no fluid, although the doctor did mention one of her ear drums looked peculiar. Not sure what that means, but I am sure we will talk about it later. In 3 weeks we go back for a check-up and a hearing test.

Recovery was hard. How do you help with pain when your child refuses to take oral medication? I think the chemistry of Tylenol did not feel good going down her throat. She spit most of it out, refused to take it, so I think she was not getting enough relief from her pain. We could get her to drink a little bit, and eat a little bit, but it was hard.

And this is where I discovered that I don't handle my kids in pain well at all. It was hard with Nina, but with Nichole, my feeling of helplessness was even greater. While Nichole cried refusing to take her meds, I was crying too,begging her to take them, yelling in desperation "Nichole, please, take you medicine sweetheart, you have to take it!", and of course making the sisters cry too.

So I got suppositories.

Oh how I love suppositories! Nichole did not mind them that much either. No more crying to get meds, it was so easy and fast she really didn't have a chance to fight it. I tried to avoid it, I mean, who wants to use suppositories? But after that she began perking up and this girl likes to eat noodles and eggs, and drink her juice! So that is what she had for about a week.

Same day we started the suppositories, she started asking for chicken and french fries. Yes, my kid is a McDonald's junkie, and for some reason this was exactly what she wanted to eat. She kept bringing me her coat and shoes and asking to go get them. She is not a fan of a soft diet, and the poor girl has sensory processing issues, so textures are a big thing. That is why we only ate noodles and eggs. Those are okay.

We considered sending her to school today, but she wanted to stay. Next week we are back to normal. praise God!

Oh, and since she is all better now, guess what treat I got her. Asi es! A Happy Meal! 

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  1. Happy to hear Nichole is feeling well again! The part about the suppositories actually brought back memories of myself as a kid when my mother would give them to me...I hated them! Glad Nichole was a bit more agreeable to them than I ever was LOL.

    And now I'm hungry for a Happy Meal. ;)


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