Monday, April 8, 2013

I think soon she will be running!

Nina is doing a phenomenal job with her walking. I cannot believe that it will be almost 2 years since she had a rhizotomy. Sometimes, I really do forget she has cerebral palsy because she is becoming more and more independent.

She is walking all the time, on her own, and loving it!

Here is a video of her walking. Now, her gait is far from perfect. Her right leg is almost completely turned in, making her knees touch every time she takes a step, and her right foot is completely facing to the left. She hips are rotated and she needs to swing one arm to balance that difference.

We are headed to Mayo clinic and discussing her next surgery coming up this summer. It will be pretty involved as we deal with her hip displagia, bone malformation, and short muscles that need to be released a little. Just thinking about it makes me cringe for my girl, but the difference it will make in her gait (the way she walks) her balance, and her ease of movement will be so great for her.

Nonetheless, here is my girl, and you better believe we are incredibly proud of her!


  1. So cool! Thanks for sharing this. We'll have her in a family run in no time.

  2. Nina, you are incredible!! This is just what I needed today to put a smile on my face.

  3. Amazing. My Caleb is a year and half out from Rhizotomy but is not doing well. This gives great hope that his day may be coming.

  4. Amazing. Thanks for sharing.


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