Wednesday, March 6, 2013

We Need Your Help

If you are not familiar with Not Alone, I encourage you to hop on over and take a look. I am humbled and honored to be a part of the team behind Not Alone. We have only been a round for a couple of months, and already I have been incredible blessed and encouraged by it.
So here is the scoop...
66 million. 
That's how many unique visitors that averages e-v-e-r-y month!  And here's the link on where you can find people reading and disussing being a parent of a child with special needs, life, and faith:
Oh...that's right.  There isn't any.
Sad but true.  You can find a variety of links on concerning Christianity.  And special needs.  But none where the two intersect.  I want to change that and I need your help to do it
I don't think I"ve ever shared this with you but the vision I crafted for our blog is simply this:
"To make Christ-followers by sharing God's love with parents and grandparents of children with special needs with the hope of building community through shared stories of life, faith, and parenthood."
The focus of Not Alone is to lead parents one step closer to Christ...or depending where they're at in their deepen their faith in Christ.
Having a higher level of visibility on will allow us to reach a much larger audience of parents who need to hear a Good Word.  To know that they don't walk alone.  To read that there is a God who loves them and their child unconditionally. 
To be selected as the Favorite Special Needs Parenting Blog 2013 will require that all of us vote regularly.  And to use our social media to ask those who trust us to vote too.  I would vote a hundred times a day...but I can't.  I can only vote once. But one vote counts.  It makes a difference.
We are easily the largest blog in this contest but currently in 3rd place.  The challenge with a big blog...just like a big that everyone thinks someone else will step forward to get the job done..and in the end...nobody does. 
Each day that you're on Facebook, please vote.  It only takes 75-seconds.  Ask others to vote with you.  I don't want to miss out on the chance to share our life-stories and God-lessons with parents who so desparately need to hear that they're loved, that they're not alone, that there is One who desires to have an eternal relationship with them.   
We have a section for prayer requests on our blog.  There are 900+ comments that parents have shared.  Make a resolution right now to take a very short amount of time each day to vote for Not Alone.  Here's the link:
God bless and thank you for joining us in our effort.

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