Friday, March 22, 2013

Tonsils, Adenoids and Ear Tubes...Oh My!

On Tuesday, our little rascal is getting her tonsils and adenoids out. And if they see fluid behind one of her ears, an ear tube is going in. This mama is not so excited about surgery...

She is just not a good patient. When Nichole is sick, or is not feeling out!

This is also her very first surgery. She has never had anesthesia. But she has been a hospital patient, and she didn't like it!

It probably doesn't help that our last experience with this surgery was tough. Nina had been home with us for only 4 months when she had this surgery, and it set us back in our bonding/attachment. Not to mention our relationship. Then, after 7 days, she started bleeding, and she was airlifted to Mayo clinic.

I know, I know, this is very rare, but we had "that" complication once already, and I am not looking forward to surgery and recovery.

And I feel bad for my rascal too, because I know there will be pain.

This is my one hope: she loves ice-cream, she can have as much sherbert as she wants where I am concerned, and hopefully she will be drinking.

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers. I will try to update as soon as I can.


  1. Yucky. I just now prayed for you. When Caleb had his Tonsils/adenoids out we were in the hospital three days just to be careful. Keep those pain meds rolling.

  2. We'll keep you and Nichole in our thoughts. Owen had the trifecta done 2 summers ago and it was the worst 6 weeks (yes, it took us that long to recover) of my life. He's been super healthy since then, but it was a very trying time for us. Keep on top of the pain meds and push the liquids as much as you can. It won't matter if she doesn't want to eat much, but keep her hydrated as much as you can. Big hugs!

  3. Hopefully all goes well. Give the pain meds 24/7, even when she seems to be doing fine without. Angela had a really rough three weeks before she was feeling back to normal. Asher had only been home a couple months but he acted like nothing had happened!

  4. I'll be saying prayers for your sweet girl! My middle daughter had this same procedure done a couple of years ago. The first couple of days were tough on her but she bounced back to herself quickly! When I had my tonsils removed (as an adult) it took over a month to fully recover! Children are amazing! She will do great, I am sure but I will still be saying prayers!

  5. We just did that same surgery along with an ABR not long ago. I was scared too, but it all went fine. Other than Kamdyn being stubborn and not drinking or eating any of the things we wanted her to to keep hydrated, we didn't have any issues. She got sick after the surgery with either pneumonia or RSV, but she bounced back quickly without the tonsils and adenoids in. She's had a runny nose for about 5 days now. Before the surgery, she would have had croup after one or two days and so e kind of infection by now. So I know its been good for her.

  6. With my hydrocephalus I had a ton of brain surgeries as a child, so I'm no stranger to that sort of stuff that's so scary to a little kid. I'll be praying for Nichole!


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