Monday, March 12, 2012

A Time to Be Still, a Thank You,and a Dedication

It has been a few weeks since I have taken a break from my on-line time. It has been good. Really good. I am thankful for the guest posts that I have been able to share with you. I hope you have enjoyed them as much as I have.

If you enjoyed the posts by Glenn Myers, make sure to stop by his blog and read his latest entries on Lent.
Lent: A Forty Day Retreat
Lent: A Time to Wake Up
I am sure these will be a blessing to you.

If you did not get a chance to check out the guest blog posts, make sure to do so. Every Friday I will be sharing with you a guest post about how other people have found beauty despite their brokenness. The stories I have gotten to read from you are incredible. Thank you.
Beautiful, Beautiful by Erin Loraine
Press All the Way Down by Gillian Marchenko
Tattered with Purpose by Kasey

But what has been happening the last few weeks? Well, quite a bit!

Andy and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary. In 9 years we have grown up a lot. And we really have grown up. We were not even out of college when we got married, and life has had its ups and downs. We have cried together, laughed together, and fallen in love more and more each year. This man is one I deeply respect, admire, and love.

We had the honor of dedicating Nina to the Lord. A time where we prayed over her and asked the Lord to guide us as we raise this precious child that we have the pleasure to call our own. What a significant moment as an adoptive mom.

Andy's dad dedicated Ellie and Nichole. The plan was for him to dedicate Nina on January 1st of this year. exactly 2 years since Nina came home. However, I cam down with the flu and couldn't make it to church. We then asked Jonathan if he would dedicate Nina. Jonathan has been such a great friend and support as we have embarked on this new adventure as Andy became a senior pastor. He was there for us when Nina had her surgery last April and has always been available whenever there is need. Thank you Jonathan for being a part of our lives!

And last...

Days have been nice, and we have had time to be outside...a reminder to be still and be present with my family.

What a blessing it has been to be un-plugged  for most of the day. I have had time to look inside and spend time with the Lord. I have had time to laugh and enjoy my children, and I have had time to appreciate the things that really matter. Amazing how much perspective we can gain from taking some time off.

There are more wonderful guests post coming every Friday.

I also wanted to point out that I figured out how to reply to your comments on the comment section. I really do appreciate hearing your thoughts and hearing from you, please continue to do so. If you do not subscribe to the comments, make sure that you check back because chances are I will respond to your comment. I will continue to do some "responding to your comments" posts, but know I will be getting back to you in the comment section.


  1. Isn't this beautiful weather fantastic? Today the windows are open and I'm wearing a short-sleeved shirt...I didn't have to take a jacket with me when I went outside...Seriously, if I could just bottle this up and have it 365 days a year, it would be blissful.

    Beautiful post and beautiful photos as well! As I've said, you've got such pretty girls - that just keep getting prettier! What a blessing to be able to spend time outside with them in this gorgeous weather, enjoying God's creation. <3

    1. Yes, beautiful weather! It is nice to open windows and allow fresh air in!


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