Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Picture Tells a Story

Andi at Bringing the Sunshine shared 5 pictures from this year, "What My Eyes See...and What Photos Don't Show." I found her blog because she has a daughter with Cerebral Palsy and a son with Down syndrome. Once I visited her blog, I was there to stay. Her reflective post today made me think about the sweet moments this year I have had with my girls. I want to share those with you too.

Orphan no more
Orphan no more: I recently wrote an article on adoption where I revisited the first time I went into Nina's room. Revisiting the reality of what her life used to be like as an orphan broke my heart once more. This little girl is not the same child I met 2 years ago. A blank stare in her eyes has been replace by a sparkle full of life, wonder, and joy.

Incredible measure of pride
Incredible measure of pride: I don't write about Ellie very much, but the truth is, I have an incredible measure of pride for this little girl. She brightens my life with a simple smile and a hug. She is wise beyond her years and her heart has more love and compassion than most people I know. She is amazing, absolutely amazing. We sit together and talk, laugh, and craft away. She has the ability to speak truth into my life, and she loves me regardless of my flaws as a mom. What a gift she is in my life.

So full of love
So full of love: These two girls have a sibling relationship like no other I have seen. Ellie's love for Nichole is so strong. There is no disability, there is no down side to having a sister with down syndrome, there is only love, and an abundance of it. I wrote a post about their relationship, you can read about that by clicking here.

Stand tall
Stand tall: To the eye this appears to be a little girl standing, no big deal at all. But this is a little girl with Cerebral Palsy that is beginning to stand, balance, and walk. Feet with heels on the ground, balancing to her best. A once orphan little girl that would have been sentences to life in a crib in a mental institution now has the sky as her limit. She is full of potential, and she is standing tall!

I'll make music

I'll make music: Nichole amazes me. Often times, she reminds us that we can make music, sing along, and enjoy life. She is also so full of potential, and I love to see her showing me through play what her future could look like. For all those times where I ask myself "Will She...?" Her answer is, "let me show you mom." You can also click here for a post I wrote about this.

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  1. These are really sweet shots - I especially like the third shot.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! You and your girls are an inspiration to me. Love you! <3

  3. So much joy and memories shared through your photos. Thanks for sharing your family with us!!!

  4. Oh. These are great!!! I am so glad you linked up with us.

    1. You are welcome, it was a treat to visit some of the blogs.


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