Monday, October 31, 2011

Walking Sleeping Beauty

Today, for the first time, our family went trick-or-treating! The last few years we have been the ones to pass out candy. However, we knew this year with the girls in school we wold have to venture out and join in the fun. Besides, there is a reason Andy rhymes with candy...he is one happy daddy!

I could not find my camera anywhere to take pictures of the girls!

Nichole was not too excited to leave the house, we were having a meltdown. When she is dressed up, she likes to watch a princess show (yes, pretty much our dress-up clothes consist on different princess costumes). She sat on the stroller and held on to her basket with loud protests. Our first stop was enough to get her in the mood! I know what she was thinking, "You mean all I have to do is go to people's houses and they give me a piece of candy? I am in!" And in good-happy Nichole fashion she said, "please", "thank you," and "bye, see you!" to everyone that gave her candy. To the many people we saw, she waved and offered a great smile.

Ellie had a great time and was the only brave one to go to the "scary" houses. Two of our neighbors go all the way out... in a scary way!

Nina, well...this is what she thought of Halloween...

Yes, Nina decided it was a good day to start walking independently! For a lack of a camera I did the best I could at the time, which meant I was using my laptop to tape her. We are hoping this is it! This has happened 2 other times. Nina walks for a day and then, well, she doesn't. Maybe this time she will be walking for good!

If you are looking for the next post about our journey with Down syndrome, hang in there! I made a  "map" and I have 6 more posts to share. I will resume on Wednesday since one of our college friends is coming to visit for a couple of days.

If you are new here, I would love for you to share in our story. You can begin reading here: Road Marker 321. From there, you can click on the links to the next posts. As I have shared before, the next few posts deal with the "ugly" side of dealing with Nichole's diagnosis of Down syndrome. It has been quite the emotional experience to go back and read my journal. I was so mistaken about what life with Nichole would be like. I think about a day like today, as we go trick or treating, and how normal our lives are with her. And how charming she can be! It is sweet when your child stands out because she is demolishing stereotypes, showing people that kids with Down syndrome are more alike than different, that she is the cutest Cinderella out there, she is polite, and she has the ability to inspire love.

What did you do for Halloween? Did you get lots of candy?


  1. Grandma Darla9:34 PM

    Way to go Nina! Eat some candy for me! Love you guys! :)

  2. Whenever I start to get freaked out about Ben's surgery...I just come over here and see what amazing progress Nina is making and I automatically feel a thousand times better. That is simply amazing! Maybe next halloween BEn will be doing the same thing...although likely not in a princess costume!

  3. You've got two cute princesses there! I love your video - Nina's doing great! Glad you guys had a good Halloween this year! <3


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