Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Join Me In Prayer

Today, the heavens are being stormed on behalf of this little girl. Gracie Yan. Gracie's story is a story about a powerful God, a good God, and the God of miracles. Her life, from the beginning, has been pointing people to Jesus. She has been known to many of us as "Amazing Gracie."

Gracie, from a medial perspective, should not be here anymore. Her heart is sick and weak.

But God.

When the doctors could not do anymore for Gracie, her family said goodbye. Her parents held her in their arms knowing they would only have a couple of hours left with her.

But God.

Gracie is almost 5 years old now, a miracle.

This morning Gracie is having another surgery. One that will give her a longer life. This procedure is delicate, risky.

Will you join me in prayer today? Will you ask God to guide the surgeon as he performs this procedure? Will you lift her family in prayer as they wait?

You can read more about Gracie HERE on their family blog.

Today, join us as we come before the Lord asking Him to be the Healer.

Update: Gracie is doing well. Thank you for your prayers. If you read Gracie's story you know how incredible this is. God is good!

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  1. I am praying for her recovery! "But God." I like that statement.


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