Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Was Cold All Day

Today, when I picked the girls up at school Ellie said, "Mom, you did not send me to school with the right coat. I was cold all day!"

I was surprised she was cold, since I usually hear the opposite complaint. Once we were home, she told me she had a headache. I suggested she lay on the coach and watch a show. She was quick to agree and was laying down in no time. A few minutes later and her eyes were watery and red. I felt her skin and sure enough, she was very warm.

"Sweetheart" I said, "No wonder you felt cold all day, you have a fever!"

And so I have in my hands a sick little girl. One that loves to be held when she is not feeling good.

Therefore, I do not have a post on our journey with Down syndrome for today! If you are new here, this is great, because now you can catch up!

You can begin by reading HERE: Road Marker 321

When your kids are sick, what do you do to help them feel better?

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  1. We use Young Living oils - Thieves is especially good. Melinda Quint taught us to use it as "preventive" throughout much of the cold/flu season. We've already begun this year.


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