Thursday, July 7, 2011

Nina's Best Friend

I have not updated the blog for a few days. Do you know why? Because our family was visiting Nina's best friend and her family. Oksana and Nina were best friends at the orphanage, and they were very happy to see each other again. Seeing them together was joyful, two little girls that loved each other, yet had no hope or a future. But now they have families, they have siblings, they have a mommy and a daddy, and they still have each other.

Like they have said, it is rare when every member of your family clicks so well with every member of another family. One of the blessings Nina has brought into our family is the Loraines, how blessed we are by their friendship.

So hop on over to Erin's blog by clicking HERE and take a look at what our days with Loraines were like. She even has a video of Nina and Oksana reuniting again!


  1. Ellen, I just finished reading the post on the Loraines' blog. Beautiful! I've decided to follow her blog now also. What a blessing to know that both Nina and Oksana are a part of such wonderful, caring families. Praise God!

  2. that's precious!

  3. Aww, that was very sweet. Was Erin sitting in that last picture or are you actually taller than her? I'm so happy for your families to connect and the girls to be able to see each other again. I keep thinking about how strange it is that the last time they spoke to each other was in a different language!


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