Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ellie Rapunzel

Ellie can quote the movie Tangled from beginning to end. Seriously, she knows every single word. Not a day goes by without the girls acting it out. Nina is usually the willing participant as she becomes Flynn Rider and gets tied down to a chair. Ellie also likes to do Mother Gothel's part and Nichole just likes to act out every character.

If the girls don't watch the movie, have no fear, they will act it out or their Rapunzel dolls will play the movie. I suppose this is the part where I confess that Andy and I can also quote a lot of the movie.

I mentioned before that Ellie likes to sing the songs. She really has a great voice and I love how she is learining and trying to play with her voice. The only problem is that she claims to be too "shy" to sing for me. I have been trying to get her to sing for me so I can tape her and she won't do it, or she gets to shy. But, I finally got her at least for a little bit until she saw what I was up to. She got shy, but she did not stop singing, which usually happens.e


  1. That was great! Ellie really does have a terrific voice - and a great memory, too! Don't tell her that I haven't even seen Tangled yet... ;)

  2. Great I Like this one better the film version so cute


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