Tuesday, July 19, 2011

If She Is In the Mood

This is what you will find Nina doing around our house if she is in the mood. We wish she felt like doing this all the time, but it takes much convincing from our part. One week makes  a big difference! I am a HUGE fan of rhizotomies.


  1. Here I am commenting again...but this is just so amazing to watch. No wonder you're a huge fan of rhizotomies....it has worked wonders with Nina.

    Thanks again for documenting all of this for us in blogger-land!

  2. Tami and Juliana5:34 PM

    Juliana is sitting here on my lap as I watch this. She is clapping for Nina and saying "Yeah Nina"!!! Way to go Nina:)))

  3. Amazing....REALLY Amazing!!!!!

  4. I love watching Nina walk! She's doing so well!

  5. That was wonderful to watch! Makes me think of when my son first learned to walked with his brace when he was almost 2... I was worried that it would never happen and when it did... wow... such joy! I came to your blog because as a mother of a child with physical and learning disabilities… I am always interested in hearing the stories of others and how they have coped with raising a ‘special’ child. I recently saw a film called ‘Dakota’s Pride’ which showed the MANY wonderful blessings children with Down syndrome bring to this world. I can’t even express to you how moved I was by this film! I was amazed by all of their accomplishments… one young man with Down syndrome even graduated from college, drives his own car and is an advocate for other adults with Down syndrome! I know you get to experience these many wonders on a daily basis, but I thought I would share a clip from the video… I give it two thumbs up… way up!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eaS54b9z7o&feature=player_embedded

  6. Wow! Look at her go! That's so wonderful! I'm delighted for little miss Nina!

    Such a tremendous difference, especially when I think back to the video taken during the gait analysis.

    It's really incredible what a bit of confidence can do!



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