Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Music Review: World of Praise Instrumental Hymns

Do you enjoy instrumental music? Do you hear rhythms and they touch your heart, make you want to get up and dance, or simply close your eyes so you can really feel the music?

Ever since I was a little girl, classical music was played in my home. The love of classical music drew to instrumental music. There is something about just music that speaks to my heart. There are no words, no noise, just music. And if you "speak" music, you also know that music is not just music.

"World of Praise" is a compilation of hymns with music from different countries.From Latin rhythms , the deep soul of India to the clogging Irish music.  I knew the words for some of the hymns, yet the music was different and I could not help but imagine what heaven will be like, when we all come together, all so different, but praising the same God.

If you enjoy instrumental music, I think you will enjoy "World of Praise:Instrumental Hymns."

I received this CD for free by Discovery House Music in exchange for my honest review.re

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