Saturday, June 18, 2011

How to Organize Your Pantry

  1.  Make sure that the chips and crackers are out of reach.
  2.  Make sure you get your food out of the boxes shortly after you move.
  3.  If you take too long to unpack those boxes, it is likely that a certain rascal will decide to climb the  boxes and try to find said chips or crackers.
  4.  Don't worry if she finds the "wrong" crackers, she won't eat them.
  5. Beware if she finds the wrong crackers, they might end up sprinkled all over the floor.
  6. Decide that the least desirable foods will be the ones that could possibly be reached.
  7. If you see an orange smear on a white door, a certain kid might have engaged in rascal activities and somehow found the Doritos.
  8. Make sure that every human being living in your home knows that the chips and crackers are to be placed on the very top shelf.
(I know this happened when we moved, but I just got the pictures downloaded and I had to share!)


  1. That's hilarious! Nothing like moving with "rascals" in the house! ;)

  2. She's sure a beautiful rascal, though!


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