Friday, December 31, 2010

A Year Ago We Arrived Home from Ukraine

A year ago, Nina and I arrived home from Ukraine. The journey was long, and we had been stranded in the Ukrainian airport for 2 days. Stranded in Frankfurt for one day. We were tired, exhausted, and I was an emotional wreck.

The flight from Chicago to Minnesota was short, as soon as you take off it feels like you are landing. Nina had finally fallen asleep in my arms, and I held her close to me.

The pilot announced, "We will be landing int he Minneapolis International Airport in about 15 minutes."

They came slow, but they came with force. Tears began spilling, and soon I was crying out loud, sobbing, shaking uncontrollably. The plane was small, and as my sobs became louder, the plane became quite. I could hear myself sobbing, the lady across the isle glancing at me wondering if she should come over and offer a friendly word. There was no thought of embarrassment. I was finally coming home! It was a long and hard journey. We were finally coming home!

A man waited for us at the gate with a wheelchair for Nina. I propped her down, still sleeping, wrapped in my coat. "please get me out of here as quickly as you can" I pleaded with the airport man. He did, and I was thankful. As soon as the door opened to the baggage claim section (where you finally exit security) I began frantically searching for Andy. As soon as I spotted him, holding Nichole, and Ellie by his side, I began running. Yes, I was the crazy woman, flailing my arms like a crazy octopus. Some hands pushing people out of my way, the others ready to embrace my family. "Andy!" Ellie came running first, and I hugged her tight. Then I fell into Andy's arms and I lost it once again.

I have no idea what the man pushing Nina was thinking, but he was there when I turned to look.

A year has gone by, and what a difference a year makes!
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