Sunday, September 6, 2009

Adoption, Fundraisers, and Obedience

We have embarked on a journey that keeps us continually looking at God and praising Him! He continues to provide and in this way He reminds us that He is good, that He loves us, and that indeed He has called us to adopt our precious Nina.

When we committed to adopt Nina, we did this out of obedience. We did not do it because we have the money, or because we are wonderful people (we are not!) We felt God leading us to do this and so we trust Him.

I won't lie, there are times where I start to question myself. The idea of a child with Cerebral Palsy can at some times feel overwhelming. Should we have adopted a child with Down syndrome instead? We know Down syndrome, it is familiar to us, we can even say that we love it! But Cerebral Palsy? What if her condition is worse than what we have been told? What if she lags behind in her development, even compared to Nichole? What if, what if, and what if?

But God...

Wednesday when Nichole had Occupational and Physical Therapy we met a little girl with Cerebral Palsy. Her condition seemed very similar to what we believe Nina will have. The mom and I were introduced and I was able to ask her questions, and she was also able to tell me all the different doctors and appointments I should make sure we have lined up for Nina once we are home. The thing is, we were nos supposed to be there. The only reason we met her is because the OT room was being used and we ended up in the gym. Coincidence? I don't think so, but a perfect plan crafted by God so that we could meet.

What if we really do not get to raise much money? What if we really do have to take a large loan? Can we even afford this right now with Andy going to Seminary and having small children?

But God...

My friend Marian asked if her and her husband could organize a fundraiser for us. They planned a Caribbean dinner party. They took care of everything else, all Andy and I did was show up and share our story.

Being a holiday weekend not many people were able to come. Marian and her husband Fernando had been praying for a specific amount, and the goal was met, with even a cherry on top!

I question and wrestle because I am human. But one thing I have very clear is that we are taking this journey because God wants us to. He confirms it over and over again. At therapy, or at a dinner party.

God is in this, and God will provide.

It has been an exciting road. We have experienced love and encouragement through people in very special ways. We feel honored and blessed because not many people get to experience God's blessings this way.

We trust, and we obey. And along the way we continue to praise God because He is good! And because we know so well that the journey of life is exciting, that his plan is so perfect, and He has our family wrapped in his loving arms! Thank you Lord!

You can see all the fun we had last night at the party on our adoption blog

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