Friday, July 3, 2009

Kid's Day

Today was Kid's Day in our town. There is a parade where kids can either watch or participate. Those that participate ride their scooters, bikes, strollers, or wagons. Some enjoy just walking around too. Not much of a walk or a parade really, but kids love it!

Ellie wanted to ride her new scooter, she was pretty excited about that!

After the Parade there are many games for kids and food. One of the greatest hits is the "Smiley Train." For the last couple of years we have stood in line for a long time in order to have a turn. As we waited in line I wondered of Nichole would like to go on the train too. I kept going back and forth wondering if she would be ready. At the last moment I decided she could go and I would walk along the train in case I needed to get her. It wasn't necessary, she absolutely loved it! Most of the time she just sat there with a grin and watched the boy behind her who was excitedly honking the horn of his car. Nichole tried to honk hers too, but the task seemed too difficult, and watching the boy behind her turned out to be just as enjoyable.

So here are some of the pictures.


  1. How cute! Love the train with the smiley face. John Michael is very in to trains right now. I think he'd have a blast right along your girls.

  2. Kids' Day! What a fun idea! I'm so glad Nichole liked the train. What does Ellie's new scooter look like? Did you get a pic of her riding it?


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