Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fun at the Park

We have had a couple of fun days! Now that Andy is on vacation, the fun never ends!

On Wednesday we started VBS, and Ellie had a blast. Yesterday, she announced she was bored, so while Nichole slept and daddy worked on some homework, her and I went to the pool! For the first time this summer I should add. We got wet, went down the water slide, and jumped in the water. It was great.
To top it off, when Nichole went to bed, Ellie got to stay up late and we had a family movie night. We watched Wall-E, and even though it is not as great as Bolt, it was family fun.
Then today, as Ellie asked, what are we doing today? We decided why not drive out of town to a park we have heard is awesome! The plan for lunch would be to stop at McDonald's (Old MacDonald according to Ellie) and have lunch and play in the play place. Can life be any better when you are four?

The park was amazing! And invitation to imagination, without a doubt. It sure made me wish I could be four again and play with Ellie. there are many stories to play in that place, many adventures to have.

It will be fun when Nichole can walk. She did really great considering she got tired. But, she could swing and slide. She also did some walking (holding on to us of course). But, I think Nichole had fun too :)


  1. I cannot get over how big your girls are getting! We have a park that looks a lot like that near us. Angela LOVES it there, and it's HUGE!!!!

  2. Very cute photos. Looks like a fun park. I can't believe how mature Nichole looks in the swing photo.

  3. looks like you all had so much fun!! you will see in no matter of time, Nichole will be there in middle of the fun, hugs

  4. YAY for summer and fun at the park! your girls are both growing so fast - good to see new pics - thanks for sharing, aj

  5. Ellie is getting so big! Thanks for posting pictures, so we can keep up with you even though we've moved.

  6. What great pictures! It's so nice that you guys are having some family time together...there is never enough of that to go around! I'm glad the girls had a blast!


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