Friday, April 17, 2009

T21 Traveling Afghan is Moving On

We have enjoyed the afghan and played with it. Today we will be sending it to the next family. We are honored to be a part of the T21 family. The bond that we share is indeed very special. Once we were strangers, now we are friends, all because of our children. We share in joys and frustrations, we celebrate milestones and support one another.
This afghan represents that unity, that special love, that connection. One blanket going around different countries (yes, countries! can you believe that!) to be held by a child with T21, somehow, the love is passed along too, and is wrapped up in the blanket.
If you want to join and receive the blanket, let me know, or click on the T21 Traveling Afghan link on the left column.


  1. This is so cool. It looks like the girls had fun with the afghan while you had it.

  2. We got the Aphgan yesterday! Ashlie LOVES it and was so Excited to open a package! Ill post some pics tomorrow :)


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