Thursday, April 9, 2009

More Fun

Most of the time Ellie is very sweet to Nichole. She is all about hugs and kisses and playing together. However, if Nichole has any desire to do the same thing Ellie is doing (like playing with dolls, coloring, etc.) all of a sudden, Ellie is not that sweet and loving anymore :) Sisters.
Nichole is also very sweet to Ellie, unless she takes Ellie's toy of choice or pulls hard on her hair.
I came into the play room one day and Nichole is sitting on the chair!
"How did Nichole get there!" I asked
"She climbed there mom" Ellie replied
She is a climber! If she sees stairs, she is gone! she is climbing up those stairs and if she knows you are running to catch her, her giggling prevents her from going as fast as she wants to go.

My attempt at doing Nichole's hair.

She is a silly baby.

Ellie is so good at putting puzzles together. she always has been good. We got her a 100 piece puzzle. She needs help, but it is amazing how much of it she puts together all o her own. She has a 75 piece puzzle that she puts together no problem. Pretty amazing.

Ellie and her friends.


  1. How adorable are your girls! Way to go Nichole on the climbing part. And good job to Ellie for her puzzles. Happy Easter.

  2. Hi - new here :) Your girls are beautiful! How old are they? Our youngest, Ruby, has DS - she's almost 2.


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