Saturday, April 18, 2009

She is 18 months, what can she do?

Nichole is a sweet and smart little girl. She is able to do so many things! Sure, her gross motor skills are behind, but Nichole is not motor driven, she is an observer. She has very good muscle tone, but she is not one to take risks.

She pulls herself up all the time. Sometimes, I will get her to come after a toy, I will slowly move it away from her, getting her to walk the length of the couch. However, if I put the toy at the opposite end of the couch, no way, no steps, she will sit down, crawl to the other end of the couch, and pull up to get the toy.

She stands behind her wagon. I move it ever so slowly, she takes steps without realizing what is going on. I say "let's walk" and she sits down, no can do.

She can sign...many words.
baby, mom, cracker, milk, eat, all done, dad, more, dog, please, book, hat, ball, thank you, sleep, brush teeth, sorry, shoes, bath, telephone, me, music, play, up, down.
Sure, some of them are not perfect, but she gets it, and we do too!

She tries to imitate sounds.

We were at speech therapy and there were some blocks. She grabbed the block and started stacking them! Believe it or not, we do not own wooden blocks, I had no idea she could stack! But she did it! She is all about stacking right now! When she takes a bath, there is a small cup, she loves getting a spoon in it and "mixing" the water. Her fine motor skills keep getting better and better.

She is silly! She will cover her head with a blanket and take off, giggling along the way.

Her daddy is her favorite person. She cries every day when he goes to work. When he is home, she is as close to him as possible.

Nichole wants to be just like her big sister. She wants the same cup, the same food, the same crayon, the same can imagine how well that goes :)

She loves music. She will dance, bounce and giggle.

Nichole can identify some body parts. Eyes, head, mouth, and her favorite, the nose :)

Pretty good for a "delayed" baby, don't you think ;)


  1. Hooray for Nichole! Sounds like she's doing wonderfully!!!

  2. I'd say she's doing very well! It's funny... John Michael has a similar stubborn streak about standing or taking steps. He's also very into stacking these days... don't you just love it!


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