Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Silly Nikki and reecesrainbow

I took these pictures on our looong trip to Wyoming and back. I got the greatest faces from Nichole, so I thought I would share them with you.

There is website called It is an adoption site for children with Down syndrome. There is a section called, "Why Down Syndrome?"
I love what they say, so I thought I would sahre it with you too.
"Every proud birth parent and overjoyed adoptive parent who has experienced the blessing that is Down syndrome invite you to SEE the joy for yourself. If you are considering the adoption of a child with special needs, you most likely feel some sort of a "call" to reach out in this way. Regardless of your faith, there is no denying that these children are finally being CELEBRATED and RECOGNIZED for the incredibly inspirational and life-altering people that they are. These children are crafted by God's own hand, and sent here for His purpose of perpetuating light, love, healing, and spiritual growth in the world. Discover the boundless joy and purpose you will discover in your own life by CHOOSING to embrace a child with Down syndrome."
In a section full of pictures it reads...
"Look into the eyes of these children and see God's light glowing within each of them.
These children were all born with what I truly believe to be a physical marker of God's Divine Favor..
...that they might BE set apart, recognized at first glance, as a CHOSEN ONE.
Grow your soul, your faith, your purpose, in the light of these children....
Live in awe of their perpetual innocence, their inability to comprehend evil, & their God-given gift to INSPIRE THE WORLD"
My daughter is God's amazing gift to us. It is my prayer that some day, others will be able to see, what we see in her. Maybe some day, you will too.

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