Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ellie Belly

Ellie lined up all her bears and sat down next to them. Then she asked to have her picture taken with her "friends." It was so cute!
I also took some pictures of Ellie on our loooong trip to Wyoming. Most of them she is making silly faces, but I actually caught a few where she is simply beautiful and sweet.
I love her eyes and her expressions.

She is however, very silly. It is hard not to crush her excitement at times, like when it is time to go to bed and we need to stop. Sigh. I suppose she is too much like her mother :)I cherish the times when she still wants to cuddle and be mommy's little girl.


  1. Shaeln Joy Mitchell12:02 AM

    your girls are so beautiful! My question is about Nicole. How far behind is she developmentally? Also--with people that have Down Syndrome, what determines how far they get developmentally and what have the doctors said about nicole's prognosis?


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