Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Our Backpacking Trip!

A few weeks late, but I wanted to share some pictures form our backpacking trip.

Andy enjoyed fishing at the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming. I believe the lake was called "lost Lake." He got the biggest catch of the day!!!
He also caught five fish. Total, we had 13 fish by the end of the day, and there were 13 of us! I loved eating those nummy fish!

We were supposed to look sweet in this picture, but do you know Andy?
Us girls were not as good at the "go off the trails and go down a steep mountain" thing. But we did it!
I love this picture of Lindsey (Our babysitter extraordinaire if you were wondering).
So, where is this trail?

I also love this picture, as the kids were looking at the "Raging River of death." It was pretty spectacular.

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