Friday, October 6, 2006

Ellie's First Birthday

Ellie's 1st Birthday was a lot of fun. We had a party for her and we invited her friends that are around the same age. We discovered that Ellie does not necessarily like to be around a lot of people, or at least she does not like to feel "crowded." There were a few times when we realized that Ellie was not around, and we would find her in a room by herself playing alone.
I decided to make cupcakes instead of a cake. I suppose it is called a "pull-apart" cake. Maybe next year she will be able to tell me what "theme" she wants for her cake and invitations.
"Mmm, this flower sure looks delicious mom"!
I did have to blow the candle for her.
This was Ellie's idea of enjoying her cupcake! We put it in front of her thinking she would "dig-in," and instead she looked at me and very clearly (in a baby kind of way of course) let me know that she had no intentions of getting dirty. At least she really enjoyed the cupcake!Ellie wore a dress that her daddy bought for her when he was in Mexico for a missions trip. She lloked so cute!

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