Tuesday, May 16, 2006

April 2006 Pictures

It is amazing how life changes with a baby.
Ellie has grown so much and is able to do new things every day.
She can sit crawl! Well, kind of, she takes a step and sits up waiting for us to clap, then she gets back on her fours, takes a step, sits down and claps, then again gets down on four takes a step, sits up and claps. Well, you get the pictures, it takes a long time for her to move from spot A to spot B. But she can move around now!

On Andy's birthday Ellie looked so cute that I put a bow on her and she was one of daddy's presents. As a matter of fact, she was daddy's favorite present.
Ellie is such a happy baby, and she loves the water! Baths, showers...even the swiming pool! It will be a fun summer to go swimming with her (will she still need baths then?). Just kidding, she will most definitely take baths after swimming in a public swimming pool. I suffer from First-Time-Mom-Syndrome.

She is a happy little one, and she likes to scrunch her nose.

Have I mentiones how much I love Ellie? We took her on a youth trip to Crown on April 7th (Andy's birthday). She did well, even though she had a hard time sleeping at night with all the noise.

It is so cute how Ellie scunches up her nose, we love it! She does it when she is happy and when she sees other people doing it too.

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