Monday, February 4, 2013

Where is the Walker? {and a CP Connection}

Nina has been a part of the Preemie Growth Project since last October. For 4 months, she has been taking extra minerals every day. While it is easy to miss the changes taking place, I am reminded of her increase in strength and stamina since she has not used a walker at school since last Thursday at school.

Today, as I quickly talked to her teacher, we agreed that the only reason she needs a walker is in the morning, as the hallways are crowded and it is more of a safety issue. Other than that, Nina is completely on her own.

When she began Kindergarten, a year and half ago, she came to school in her wheelchair. Just 18 months later and she is walking all over her school.

Simply amazing!

Time for a CP Connection! Link up if you blog about cerebral palsy! Jut make sure to link your post back here so we are all one big happy CP connection


  1. Hey Ellen
    It's been a while since I connected. But how amazing that Nina doesn't need her walker anymore! What's really crazy is that Isaac doesn't need his anymore either! And both of us have used it for our CP Connection post :)
    Blessings Tui

  2. Her progress is amazing. I am so encouraged by it - that our guy might get free of his equipment too.

  3. Thank you Ellen.
    How great it must be to see Nina manage on her own.


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