Monday, December 3, 2012

18 Months Post-Rhizotomy {and a CP connection}

Last week, Nina and I made a trip to Mayo Clinic for her 18 month post-rhizotomy follow up. I cannot believe that it has been that long!

Her therapists and doctors were all pleased with Nina's progress. It is so fun when you see the people that have followed her for almost 3 years be as excited as you are about her progress. Nina is walking independently, and she walked up and down halls and across rooms (over and over) for everyone to see.

Here is the gist of things we discussed:
  • Nina uses her walker for balance (she still looses her balance easily). The thing is, the walker is an overkill. She uses it to, "do some tricks!" per her own words to all her therapists and doctors. She is even known to give "rides" to her friends. Her gait is terrible in the walker because she uses it for speed.
  • We are going to try crutches for balance help. Actually, one crutch. Her left side is very strong, and she really only needs support with her right side. We need to start practicing one crutch.
  • Nina's right knee comes in (faces her left leg) every time she walks, making her right foot come in as well. As she gains balance and confidence, she is tripping on her own knee and/or foot.
  • Nina has hip dysplasia, a bone malformation on her right leg femur, and still some spasticity. 
  • Veredict: Nina is having surgery this summer. Okay, surgeries. Yes, 4 of them! The doctor will fix her hips, break the bone and rearrange it, do muscle lengthening in her hamstrings and PERCS on her Achilles tendons.
Nina's left side is really amazing. When you remind her to put "heel first" when taking a step, her left side is almost...normal. Remember the "magic juice" I talked about last month for the CP connection? Yeah, we really do believe this has a lot to do with her left side improving.

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  1. Way to go! This was a great post. Am so happy that she (and all of you!) are working so hard and doing so well. Amazing that she has such an engaged medical team. Makes me very happy!


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