Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Wedding

Last weekend, my sister married one of my good friends. But before I tell you more about the wedding, I will tell you more about my sister Alex.

Being 6 years older than her, I did not receive her with excitement, but rather jealousy. The first day she was home from the hospital, she was peacefully sleeping in the middle of my parents bed. I had been told to be quiet too many times and to be careful with the baby. Something was wrong, I used to be the center of attention and this tiny baby was ruining my life! So I pinched her. Hard enough to wake her up and make her cry. I was not a very nice older sister. I was one that would have told you I had an annoying little sister. Truth be told, I was too busy for her, to caught up in my own world to pay attention to my sister. When I left for college, she was only 12. Somehow, in that time, she grew up. Thankfully, so did I.

While I cannot make up the time lost and be the big sister I wish I had been. Now I get to be not just a sister, but also a friend.  And not just any friend, a best friend. I love Ale dearly and I am blessed to have hr as my sister.

Now about Jon. He was a good friend of mine from college. We worked together at camp and we even went on a missions trip together. When we were in Ukraine adopting Nina, Andy and I were pretty discouraged. But Jon was there praying for us and sending us messages reminding us of why we were there, encouraging us to stay strong. In one of those messages I said, "Jon, I want you to meet my sister!" And like they say...the rest is history.

The 3 sisters

 Ellie: The flower girl.

 My mom with her 3 girls.

Alex and I

Alex with our aunt Martha. She is one of the most favorite people in my life! 

The sisters at the reception.

Nichole danced and danced and danced and did not like the fact that I was trying to get her picture taken.

Ellie danced and had a lot of fun too.

Nina also had enough people come and ask her to dance.

Congratulations Jon and Ale! We are so happy for you! 


  1. Lovely post! The pictures are precious :)

  2. OH what lovely pictures! And I have to say, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new hair! It's looks adorable on you! Ellie looks spectacular of course, and Alex is stunning. And your mom? She looks like one of the sisters. So sorry we weren't able to meet up while you were here this time. Hopefully I can get away for a weekend soon and the kids and I will come out. You're not THAT far away!

  3. Ellie Stumbo you look stunning! Ellen, I have to agree...the hair is awesome ;).

  4. Ellen, you and your sisters are so beautiful! And I agree (with another person who commented above), your mom looks just like one of you. Are you sure she's not just the oldest sister? :) Fun to see Ellie as flower girl too! Beautiful!


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