Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ellie is 6

What busy weeks we have had! I did not get to update the blog and share that I now have a 6 year old!

Remember when you turned six? The night before my 6th birthday I sat at the edge of my parent's bed, alone in their room. I kept staring at my left hand, all 5 fingers spread apart, then I would slowly bring up my right pointer finger and say "Seis!" The thrill of having to use TWO hands would make me giggle and feel butterflies in my stomach.

While Ellie did not do this to my knowledge, she is still her mother's daughter and the excitement over turning 6 was quite obvious around the house!

Lots of new things happen when you turn 6 (in case you did not know)
  • You get to chose a new favorite color
  • You get to become your favorite character all day on your birthday
  • You get cake
  • Your family is supposed to be waiting for you in the morning and jump up and break into song as they sing happy birthday
  • You get  a birthday party
  • It means you are a big girl (you know, since you need TWO hands to show your age...unless you use sign language I suppose)
  • You can do your own hair, no need for mom, regardless of what she thinks
Ellie had a birthday party with some of her new little friends. They were all dressed like princesses and we had a lot of fun. We had games, crafts, and of course a pinata! We are thankful for the new friendships that she has here. Overall, she has done the best as we have transitioned to our new town. We thought she would struggle the most and here she is showing us what loving and living life is all about.

Wow! Six years sure go by fast. I promise every night since she was born, I would lay Ellie down to sleep and she looked just the same the following morning. So how did she get this big!

Being Ellie's mom has been a joy. She is the little girl I always dreamed of. We have fun together, we enjoy each other, and we laugh a lot. Whenever she is upset or angry with me, she writes me notes to express her feelings, something that I really do love about her as she controls her temper that way.

She has a heart full of acceptance and tenderness towards other people. She has the capability to look at every person's potential, and many times she helps me see that in others. Funny how it is your kids that tech you some of the most important lessons in life.

I am proud of her...incredibly proud of her. I love my little princess with such strength.

My sweet Ellie Belly,
As we celebrate your 6th birthday, I am thankful that God gave you to us. it is a  great honor to see you grow up, mature, and care for others.
I love you more than you know.


  1. Such a sweet post, Ellen! Please pass along a slightly belated Happy Birthday wish to that terrific 6-year-old of yours for me :)

    I love what you said about how whenever Ellie is upset or angry with you, she writes notes to express her feelings. Is this something you suggested to her or did she think of this on her own? At any rate, I love the idea that she is that attuned to her feelings and can control her temper like that. God bless her! :)

  2. feliz cumpleaƱos Ellie!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Ellie!! :)
    We really enjoyed seeing your whole family this past weekend!


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