Monday, November 15, 2010

A Year Ago Today

A year ago today, in the crisp and cold morning hours, my mom dropped Andy and I off at the Minneapolis International Airport. As we said goodbye, the emotional reality of the process wrapped itself around us and hugged us tight along with my mother.

We were leaving our two little girls behind. Andy for 3 weeks, and possibly up to 7 weeks for myself. We had worked so hard getting all the documents ready, we felt exhausted from that race. Four weeks before, we had sat in our living room wondering where the remaining $13,000 to cover our adoption would come from. But God sent the money, and we were about to fly across the ocean to rescue an orphan little girl.

The day before, as some dear friends had come to help us pack and pray for us, we had felt an overwhelming sense of being covered in prayer and showered in love. Walking through the airport, God's peace continued to move us.

A year ago, we did not know that the emotional roller coaster of adoption had just begun. We did not know that being in-country would be one of the most testing and trying times of our lives. That we would cry more and wrestle with feelings of abandonment.

A year ago, we did not know that God's grace, mercy, and compassion would visit us in such intimate ways.

I look back, it is all so real, almost tangible. It happened, we traveled, we were on our way to Ukraine. A year ago today.


  1. We are leaving on Saturday. I am so nervous! Thank you for sharing your story and some of the challenges which you encountered while in Ukraine. It has been helpful for me to understand what it might be like.

  2. How many things in life have I told myself, "A year from now, I'll be looking back and won't believe it's already been a year." I'm holding onto that thought, and yours, as I board that plane in 12 days. A month from now I should be home!

  3. Wow! That is when I "met" you. I remember the tears and struggles during that very long time. I'm glad that you are where you are today! Only, WELL! Hugs ~ Jo

  4. A year ago today, we received our SDA appointment date of December 9th. What a difference a year makes!


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