Saturday, November 13, 2010

Oh Sweet Holidays!

Yes, it is official. We have Christmas music playing and our tree is up! Isn't it too early, you may ask? No, it is not too early, not when almost a year ago Andy and I hugged our girls goodbye and we left to go to Ukraine. Andy got to come back after three weeks. We had been promised that we would be back home before Christmas (now we know better about promises in the adoption journey!) and he got the girls to set up the Christmas tree. However, Nina and I did not walk into our home until January 3rd of this year. Thanksgiving had come and gone, we knew that, but so had Christmas.

As we were setting the tree I realized that simply openinng the boxes and seeing my girls decorate the tree was a healing experience. Our time in Ukraine is still painful to think about. We took an emotional journey like no other we have ever expereinced. But this year, we are home!

We are ready for Thanksgiving, and we are having Christmas for a long time! So let's blare the music, let's sing our songs, because "It's the most wonderful time, of the year!"

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  1. I am with you sister! Dan waited till after Halloween to start our Christmas music. LOL!


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