Saturday, November 21, 2009


We have been in Eastern Europe now for 5 days. The last few days we have had time to enjoy the city and be tourists :)

There are beautiful buildings here and a lot of rich history. We have walked a lot and enjoyed being in a big city.

Our apartment also is big and very comfortable. It is nice that we have our own little kitchen and we are able to make some of our meals, of course we have been eating out every day. Our goal is to have a day where we just stay here and save some money!

I will try to upload pictures tomorrow.

If there are any questions, I will try to answer those too, we have time to do that!

Oh, and our SDA appointment went well, it lasted no more than 15 minutes and now we are waiting to receive a referral so that we can continue on with the adoption process. Pray that we receive that document on Monday!


  1. what does your apartment look like? what is nearby? we stayed in several different ones! my favorite was the one we called "my personal stairmaster" because it was on 4th floor and no elevator! I bet you will be finding your way around really quickly. We did! glad you are enjoying yourself. Its a beautiful city and we really enjoyed it. go to the zoo if you can.

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