Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Winners of "A Different Dream for My Child"

We have our winners! I tried to be a little creative and get my girls to help me out. Only Ellie would slightly cooperate, she was not too excited or thrilled about it.

I prayed that the right people would get the book. Some of you shared a little bit of your stories and I wish I could give you all a book...sigh...I only have two.

What I did was get all the names from the comments on a piece of paper, I tore them out and put them in a bowl. Ellie drew the names.

One of the winners I know how to get a hold of, the other one I do not. Please send me an e-mail so that I can get your address and mail you the book!


  1. lol how do we know who needs to contact you that they won the book if you didnt tell us who won the book?

  2. Oh did you watch the video? It is in the video!


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