Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sharing with Physical Therapy Students

Today I went to a local College to talk about Nichole. Okay, I did not really go to talk about Nichole, but I did go to talk about Down syndrome and therefore I did talk about my daughter.
There were fourteen students that are hoping to get a degree in Physical Therapy and I have to tell you, it was awesome.

I have been able to speak with middle school students and high school students, and it has been great, but these College students were awesome! They asked great questions and they understood things at a much deeper level, granted, they wanted to know about children with Down syndrome since some of them want to go down the pediatric route of physical therapy.

Time flew by! Well...at least for me :) For the last half an hour we went to the lab where I showed them some of the exercises that we do with Nichole. So even though I thought my presentation went pretty well, I have a feeling they all enjoyed the time with Nichole the best. And lets face it, she is pretty cute, and she was LOVING all the attention. She also thought they should all clap at her just because she wanted them to.

As we walk down these road, my passion to share about our life with Nichole continues to increase, and I hope that I am able to do more of these presentations. My main goal is that students walk away with a new understanding and appreciation of Down syndrome. And if someday down the road, God chooses for them a child with an extra chromosome they can look back and remember the once they heard someone say that if they had a child with Down syndrome, they would experience shades of color that they never knew were possible.


  1. Ellen, that's a beautiful witness to the beauty of God's design in our children. It's great that you have the opportunity to share w/ younger people. I'm going to talk to our student body (elem - 8th gr) about the R word in the fall. I'm hoping to open hearts there, too.

  2. This is neat - how did you find the opportunity to do this? Did you volunteer or did someone contact you?

  3. Oh, that is SO AWESOME! I hope I have an opportunity like that someday. How fun to share!

    And Ruby makes everyone clap for her, too :)

  4. That is great that you got that opportunity; better yet that those students got an opportunity to learn some practical knowledge about Ds.

  5. Cindy, I contacted them and asked if they would like me to come. They were brave enough to say yes!!! And it turned out to be a great fit, so I might come back again :) And this time THEY asked!


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