Monday, November 17, 2008

She can do it!

She can pull herself to sitting, all on her own!
Now, I do not know of any other parent that has cried over such an accomplishment. It was so exciting! And a very special moment. I was reminded again about how special this journey is. I am so aware of all the extra work Nichole has to do in order to reach this seemingly insignificant milestones.
Now that she is a year old, people constantly ask if Nichole is walking, when I say no, the next comment is how she must be crawling all over the place. But with a huge smile and an excited heart I get to say, no, not yet, but she can pull herself into sitting, all on her own! And I could care less if people think she is behind, or delayed to reach such milestones. The important thing is that she is reaching them! And if feels so good! I am so proud of her!
So when I saw her sitting on her bed as I was coming to get her from her nap, I went crazy!
As I ran downstairs to get the camera I was really hoping she would not go down on her tummy, and thankfully, she did not!
And one of the sweetest things is to hear Ellie cheering along with me! I know that throughout their lives, Ellie will also be one of Nichole's greatest cheerleaders.
And, really, how can I complain about having a baby a little bit longer? Is that not what I hear mother's say all the time? I just get to actually have a baby a little bit longer. And I am loving every single moment of it :)


  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! That is so exciting!! I remember when Darah started pulling to sitting and how excited we were. Just wait until she stands in the middle of the room by herself. It's going to blow your away! :) She's so cute!

  2. So exciting!!! Good for her!! Such a big girl!!! Just wanted to let you know, I"ve been crying at every milestone for the last 19 months, so your not alone!! :) In fact, I just teared up Sunday when Braeden learned to give "real" kisses, with noise and not the open mouth kind!!! :) Kind of bittersweet though, as I'm a big fan of the open mouth baby kiss!!!

  3. I relate so well to what you're saying. My daughter will be one on Thursday and has been diagnosed with developmental delay and hypotonia - we have not found the cause yet. It is so joyful to watch her reach those milestones she has been working so hard on. It's an undescribable feeling. I have also told others how I'm lucky to get to have the "baby stage" longer with Isabelle. How many times do we hear they grow up so fast? Thanks for your thoughts. It's always encouraging to hear words of others that relate so well.

  4. Wow, I can completely relate to your post. What a day it was when I found my baby girl sitting up in her crib, just like yours. I love your pictures (I Wish I would have thought that quickly). The second one is my favorite. What a sweet smile!!! My son was so fast in developing that I didn't get a chance to enjoy his babyhood. With my Sydney we are taking our time and enjoying the ride, one milestone at a time. She is 16 months and I get the same questions, and similiar responses. Congrats on the HUGE milestone! Celeberate, Celebrate, Celebrate!

  5. She looks wonderful in that position. Every milestone is a great accomplishment no matter how old. If one thing that I am learning (although slower than I should be) from John is that life is not a race to the finish line. And she will be getting around all over the place in her own time.

  6. great job Nichole! How exciting Ellen and the pictures are so cute. I feel so proud of her myself :)

  7. Connie12:19 PM

    Way to go little sweetie! I am jumping up and down too!

    Love to you all,

  8. ellen hall10:58 PM

    oh ellen, she's sooo cute. I could just hug here!!!! where has the last year gone???

  9. I am loving the second and third pics. The second one looks like she's thinking, yeah, mom, I'll sit here and humor you. And the third is like, enough already!! LOL!

  10. I love that Second pic. Like Megan, she seems to be saying "yah Mom, I sitting! I dids it for yous! pretty good huh?"

    wow is she ever Beautiful!! She has such a smile! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! ! !

    Keep up the good work with all the new milestones Nichole! /cheers!

    If you are wondering why I'm posting so far back it's because i am new to your blog and I have a lot of catching up to do! LOL


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