Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Nichole at 3-months

Do we have the cutest baby or what!
I know Nichole is almost four months, but I figured I should post some of her three month old pictures. It is amazing how many more pictures the first born children tend to have! We have tried to have Nichole's professional pictures taken every month like we did with Ellie. So far we have done her month old pictures...and hopefully on Friday her 4 month pictures :)
Ellie is the greatest big sister. She loves Nichole. She constantly tells her, "I love you Nichole;" "I love you baby sister;" and perhaps one of my favorite ones, "You are my best friend Nichole."
Yep! That's right! Some rolling over action going on here! And do you see the one arm lifted off the ground? She is amazing!
"Thanks for looking at my pictures."


  1. okay yep she is the cutest! I love the picture of both of them. I'm glad you updated, I'm always checking :)

  2. Nichole is so pretty, just like her big sister. She really looks like Andy in a couple of those photos.


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